Gomila Ginelli is a Women's Exclusive Collection executed with the upmost precision, class and care.

The words sophistication and elegance are synonymous with women around the globe. The Gomila Ginelli collection is designed with the discerning requirements of our customers at the forefront, we at Gomila have created this collection understanding shoes are truly made to be worn, as well as draw attention to the natural beauty of a woman through a classic silhouette.

From classic to contemporary, we offer a variety of articles created for the many different walks of life women place their feet on.  After working with world class designers internationally and now with our own in house design team designated only for our Ginelli Collection, we bring to you a selection of articles truly made to be worn.

Our Made to Order system has been created to further give you complete creative control, working hand in hand with our design team to create one of one pieces, made only for you.

Using world class leathers, state of the art constructions and combining the traditional bespoke art of shoe making with the advancement of modern technology, we bring to you the finest articles that sit comfortably with any fashion house of the world.

Explore our collection and fall in love with what you wear.